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The Hammocker
2005-01-21, 18:40
I have figured out a way to make a hommock for anyone who just wants to try it out. The only materials are a bedsheet (or similar size fabric), Rope, and parachute cord. It's really basic just fold the bedsheet, tie the rope in a two half hitches and wrap the rope in parachute cord to keep it from slipping.

The Hammocker
2005-01-22, 21:48
Here are some pictures I've taken of the hammock I made: Hammock Pics (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shanedeluca/slideshow?.dir=/15d6&.src=ph)

2005-01-25, 06:44
Nicely done, how have you gone sleeping in it ?

I made a similar one to try out using a poly-tarp, and "french wipping" the rope on each end. Was impressed with how comfortable it was.



The Hammocker
2005-01-26, 17:30
Since the sheet is folded you can put a pad inside if it gets cold. I haven't had to use the pad yet though I thought it was comfortable, just check your knots :biggrin:

Major Slacker
2005-01-27, 22:04
Good job! The price is right.

I tested a similar concept last week with my silnylon extended poncho/tarp (I tried it first with my stinky old coated nylon poncho). I used 1" x 6' polypropylene webbing and a sheet bend knot with about a 3-inch bight on each end of the poncho. I took a nap in it, but haven't tried it on the trail. It was very comfortable. The silnylon is stretchy. It all weighed about 11 oz.

The pad between the fold of the sheet is a good idea. I might try the poly tarp with a pad in the fold. I finally put my 3/8" foam pad inside my sleeping bag after wrestling around trying to keep it under the bag. My arms and elbows got cold pressing against the bag and hammock, so I added 3 sheets of 30 x 40 x 1/8" foam packing material (scrounged from work) under my torso and wrapping around my sides. I haven't gotten ambitious enough to make an under quilt.

The Hammocker
2005-01-29, 15:20
glad you liked it