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The Hammocker
2005-01-30, 18:07
I got bored and decided to play around with my cheap $8 Walmart "campers" hammock. Well it had some problems:
1- it had spreder bars
2- it was bulky
3- it had thick bright red ropes

So, I took off the bars (don't worry it dosen't need them). After that I took off the ropes and put parachute cord on them with a sheet bend with a 2 half hitches to keep it from slipping (I trust the sheet bend alone but wanted to be sure I didn't fall :biggrin: ). Now that waste of space fits in a little plastic baggie!!!

SGT Rock
2005-01-30, 18:20
I have seen the type you mention. Watched a guy fall out of one in the field at Fort Polk. He had seen me enjoying hammocks and wanted to imitate me. Unfortunately for him he weighed about 200 pounds and was about 6+feet tall. The hammock just flipped right over when he tried to climb in it inside his sleeping bag.

The Hammocker
2005-01-30, 18:23
spreader bars are supposed to prevent that but I think that they make it happen more often.

2005-01-31, 02:40
I used to use one of those green hammocks that you get in clothings sales.

Tie one end to the headlight mount on the M1 tank and the other to the end of the gun tube. Then just move the gun tube untill its just the right tension and you're all set. And the added bonus is that you can get in and out from on the front slope of the tank.

The Hammocker
2005-02-03, 21:26
I did a few more things....
I cut the net to my hight

I also wieghed the hammock, about six ounces (cheap scale)