View Full Version : Alpine Style Ultralight Distance Hikes.

2005-02-02, 19:21
Im sure by now youve probably all heard something about this... The founder of GoLite has done it a few times. Basically... you carry EVERYTHING (sans water) you need for the entire trip when you leave the trailhead.... all your clothes, food, etc.

What are your thoughts?

Personally, I like the idea. Yes it means packweights go up significantly, but then your not in town once a week. Your not just walking from one "resupply" to another, your walking the TRAIL.

I dunno... seems to have its pros and cons... but I like it.

2005-02-02, 19:27
Slightly different idea, but similar in many ways the "Kifaru Ramble".... you can often reduce your packweight, and extend your range, by hunting and gathering along the trail.

Know the local flora for your veggies, and if you have a small game liscence and 22 pistol that you know how to shoot.... you can go for a very very very long time without needing anything in the way of resupply.

Not as touchy feely tree hugger as some might like, but I know people who have gone for over a month without seeing ANYONE, just doing some resupply from the larders of ol Mother Earth.


SGT Rock
2005-02-02, 21:39
I think this would be OK if you aren't planning on making fast miles and you are more concerned with living in the wild than with the general process of moving through it.

2005-02-02, 23:20
I "watched" Coup's (GoLite's founder) trip on the Long Trail pretty closely, it took him less than 2 weeks as I recall, but memory is a very touchy thing for me. Seems to me his menu was gawdawful boring - dried fruit - and his schedule so tight since he was trying to prove a point, that I didn't see much fun in the project. I can still start out with 7 days provisions, including some variety, cover 12-20 miles most days depending on terrain, have some fun along the way, and leave with a pack less than 30 pounds to start, and under 12 by the time I need to re-supply. Geez, I'm rambling again. The point you're waiting for me to get to has been said before...learn from others, but hike your own hike.