View Full Version : Build your own Ion Stove (production model)

SGT Rock
2005-02-07, 22:06

Here are the plans. All you need are two small juice cans like V8 juice.

What I found was that the other design (burner going inside the fuel container) must have a slight leak around the burner can to allow a little bit of fuel to get past and because of the way the Ion burns, the flames just melded in with everything else. I also found that the TiPod slightly interfered with the air flow over the stove in a way that the hardware cloth never did. So to solve both these issues I had to open up the center hole a little more and add more burner holes. There are now 12 of those.

I think all that is important to know just in case you are building them and are having performance issues.


SGT Rock
2005-03-07, 09:44
Since I changed the stock I make the stoves from, I thought it woud be a good idea to post those instructions too.


This is a very simple stove to make. You need two wedding favor tins. Thjey can be bought in bulk from places like Michaels, it will cost about $20 for a box of 30, and it takes two of them to make a stove.


If you want to just get what you need, you can get them here: http://hikinghq.net/osCommerce/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=37