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The Hammocker
2005-02-09, 18:38
I got an idea for a new smaller soda can stove. I think the Red Bull cans would be a good choice for a smaller stove.

2005-02-09, 19:02
the new ion is built with something like that

SGT Rock
2005-02-09, 19:59
I already did that, nice try :D

2005-02-09, 20:38
I already did that, nice try :D

I wonder if you've tried what I'm gonna try when I get my ion set from you? may make building simpler...

The Hammocker
2005-02-11, 23:28
well I didn't know.

2005-02-12, 00:23

They are just ribbin ya some.......

Its a solid idea, and the logical next step.

Looks like theres been another step since then too, as I thought I was on the cutting edge of stove material choices and ROCK STEALS MY THUNDER!!!!!!!

2005-02-12, 03:49
Give me details on how you made your stove and I'll tell you wether or not mine is exactally like yours.

2005-02-12, 04:27
I sourced some aluminum tins exactly 2in x 7/8in (the same size as an Ion stove).... the side walls are thicker than a v8 can, but about equal to the two walls created when you put a top and bottom together. The tops are clear plastic that I thought I could replace with pepsi can side walls, but that didnt work, but I figured out that 2 tin bottoms can be put together easily and sealed with JBWeld.

The product is visually identical to Tops new stove


When I thought I could replace the tops with cans, it was a materials cost of about $.80 per stove.... Now its about $1.50 per stove, but the stove I just finished boiled 16oz of 50deg water in 4min. 23sec.... and I think I can cut that time by a few seconds still.