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Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 14:10
I posted this over at WhiteBlaze, but will repost it here:

I just modified a Ridge Rest Deluxe for use in my hammock.

Since I am short, I do not need the full length of the pad. So I cut 3" off each end and duct taped the pieces to the side of the pad to cover my shoulders down past my elbows when I am in the hammock.

The duct tape stuck fast to the foam and it looks like it is going to work great. Also, I can fold the "wings" in and roll up the pad without having the extra 6" sticking out.

I am surprised at how fast the duct tape stuck to the foam. You would have to tear the foam to get it off.

Our temps will be in the low-mid 20's tonight and I am going to test it outside and make sure it is warm enough and works as planned!

I'm not sure this would work in a Hennessy as I have read that the pads slip out from under you. But it should work great in the Clark.

2003-01-23, 22:52
Got pictures??? I'm extremely new to hammock camping and have no clue as to where I'm going with it (although I'm learning every day - but since I just ordered the bloomin' thing tonite, and won't have it until later next week.....<shrug>

I'm trying to picture the pad.......
Jodi who has managed to find her way here after only a few days of wandering. Where's the campfire??? Anyone got any marshmellows?

Wander Yonder
2003-01-24, 11:57
Dojers, here's a picture. The small extensions don't look like much, but they are just big enough to curl up around your shoulders and keep them warm.


Sarge is in charge of the marshmallows! Be nice to him. :D