View Full Version : Henderson Stove Conversion

2005-02-13, 20:59
Want to eliminate your pot stand for your Henderson pepsi stove?


With my Wide Side technoligy you can convert your Henderson to a Side
Burning stove with a built in pot support! Really it is a Angle Burner.


How to make the Wide Side Ends!

If you are using a Pepsi type side burner, by adding these Wide Side tops
and bottoms, you can increase your POT support area by 40%. A Pepsi can has
less than 3 cubic inches of surface area, these wide adaptors have 5.

These ends also strengthen and help protect the stove from dents. You can
epoxy them on with JB Weld or just push them over the ends.

The Pre Heat Ring will let you "jump start" the stove while adding
stability. The "Ring" will also work on the Photon type stoves.


I made these using a piece of 2 5/8s outside diameter tail pipe tubing 2"s
long, file the inside and outside edges round, on one end. Cut [split] the
side with a hack saw, file or grind, till the tube slide into the Pepsi can
end. About 2 9/16s diameter. Use a cable tie to hold the pipe together. Make
it a nice slip fit!

I use a short pc. of 2 3/16s tube with one end filed round, small radius on
the out side, with more taper on the inside. About an inch long.

After you do a couple of these, you will learn how hard to hit the top tube.
Be careful not to get the center lower than the outside. Keep the center
square with the outside.

Leave the can ends long, and trim to length afterwards.