View Full Version : How to deal with hiking fever.

2003-01-15, 14:22
Ok how do you deal with hearing "Oh I would love to be hiking right now!" Or "Man I need to get to the woods!!" when you hear it?

Here's what I do.....

Simpathize and try and console. Then remind him he can plan a hike. As a matter of fact, depending on his job of course, he's in the middle of planning for a hike this summer I promised him he could take.

Ok so let's hear from others, how do you handle your hiker in need of a fix? :D

2003-01-15, 15:56
When I have "hiker fever" I end up on hiking boards, reading and posting.

Also, I live close to a nature center that has about 15 miles of trails for hiking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Would love to be out there on my snowshoes, but there is still no snow in MN! I guess thats great for hiking and training for this years thru hike though!

2003-01-15, 21:17
Whenever I get the urge to be out there on the trail, and I really can't be, I get out my backpack and gear and go through it. Just feeling and smelling (pew) some of that stuff puts me in sort of a trance. I clean some gear or adjust my pack ...or I just plain pack my pack in anticipation.
With my departure date coming up on 3/29 I get the urge about once an hour. The calendar better fly or I'm going to wear out my gear sitting in the living room !

2003-01-15, 22:56
I thought this was a post for hiker spouses! All you people with sore feet gotta go! just kidding:mad: i also just wanted to use mad smily

2003-01-15, 23:20
Awwww Cheer up there Redbeard. I think I'm one of very few spouses around right now. All input is good.

Go hiking man you're grouchy. lol just kidding :D

2003-01-16, 09:55
Think of it this way, if your pessimisstic all the time, your never dissapointed!:D

Bad Ass Turtle
2003-01-20, 23:01
OK, Footslogger and I have this conversation all the time. In 2001, he stayed home while I hiked; now I have to stay home while he hikes.

Darn it! I deal with it by trying not to think about it . . .

Though I have to say that occasionally I do say "Could we talk about something else for a while? New subject, please?"
It only works for a few seconds . . . :p

Truth be told, though, I am planning to head out to Southern virginia to hike with him for a month in May/June. One of the sections I missed in 2001.


2003-01-21, 11:49
Nice to meet ya BAT.

Oh man do I know what you mean about trying to change the subject. Does your's ride down the road sighing at the woodline?? Or even at pictures of the mountains?? :D

Hope you enjoy your hike with him. Best of luck.


2004-11-19, 09:13
I think I've found a new cure for the hiking fever problem.....

Move to the mountains....LOL.

Since we have been here he's been able to get on a trail fairly regular and seems to be much happier about that. And so am I...:)

2004-11-19, 15:20

(She says with a somewhat envious smile!)


2004-11-19, 18:00
Sorry Rosaleen...LOL

I have to be careful about telling him to "go take a hike"....;)