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2005-02-20, 11:03
Hey all,

I am stationed in Germany so my hikes on the AT are few and far between but this summer I have an opportinuty to get stateside. While there I plan on hiking for a week.

In a previous hike, I walked (with friends) from Amicalola to Dicks Creek Gap.

This time we plan to walk from Fontana - SOUTH to Dicks Creek Gap.

Proposed dates are June 28 - July 6, 2005.

Interested in info on where to stay in Fontana since that will be our start point.

Any tips on prepositioning a vehicle at both ends.


SGT Rock
2005-02-20, 12:03
There is a parking area right there at Fontanna Dam. You can stay at the Fontanna Hilton which is a shelter right at the parking area, or stay at the Hiker Inn down the road a piece and then drive up to the trail on the day you start. I also hiked through Dicks Creek Gap, but I can't remember what the parking was like.

2005-02-20, 13:29
so sounds like no problem leaving a car at Fontana...is the parking remote and out of the way?

At Dicks Creek there is a small parking area but it is quite a few miles from the town of Hiawassee, GA...seems like a bit remote of a place to leave a vehicle for a week.

SGT Rock
2005-02-20, 14:33
It is fairly remote, but not that remote. If you park on the north side of the damn, you are in the National Park and rangers can keep an eye on your vehicle.

2005-03-16, 19:57
Last summer I hiked from Dicks Creek to Wallace Gap (northbound). If my memory serves me correctly, we parked 1 cars at Dicks Creek and 2 at Wallace. We were able to camp on the mountain in front of the parking area, (if you do this plan on getting an early start. The cars and trucks are quite bothersome.) My new truck was left at Wallace Gap and some how it was left unlocked. Trail luck was with me, nothing was touched.
This year I'm hiking north from Wallace or Fontana (northbound) to a place t.b.d. 11June05 thru 19June05. I'll leave a couple of hellos in the trail books.

bearbag hanger
2005-03-17, 01:38
For Fontana Dam, you should call Jeff and Nancy Hoch at the Hike Inn (www.TheHikeInn.com) at 828-479-3677. They might let you keep a car at their place and drive you down to the trail.

For Dicks Creek Gap call Gary and Lennie Poteat at the Blueberry Patch 706-896-4893. Call in the evening and if you don't get them, keep trying. I guess they can't return long distance calls.

I've dealt with both of these couples and they are easy to work with. If they can't help, they can probably tell you who can.

2005-03-17, 09:18
The parking at Fontana Dam in NC is free, large and about as safe as you are going to find...there is a police station almost at the dam. Dick's Creek Gap in GA is $2 per day, is a fairly small lot (maybe 6 vehicles) that sometimes gets a little over flow along the roadway, is not secure but historically it hasn't been a problem area to my knowledge. Seems like the ATC had a list of problem parking areas somewhere on their website and neither of these where listed.

Last section hike I did in that area was Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap (through the Smokies). We had a lot of driving so we just stayed at the Fontana Dam Shelter the first night. It is lake side with restrooms that have electricity and hot water within 100 yards and is maybe 200 yards from its own parking lot that is maybe a quarter mile from the dam and its larger parking lot(s). It is nice and is not a typical three sided trail shelter... it is called the Fontana Hilton. There are showers and some kind of gift shop(?) at the dam itself.


2005-03-19, 06:38
Awesome. I will look at all those options.

Not too hard to plan from Germany, but it is great to have all this help towards accomplishing the mission!

How about the distance?

On the last long hike I did, we went from Amicolola Falls to Dicks creek-about 75 miles. It took us 7 days. We weren't rushing or pushing too hard but I do remember that we were pretty sore and tired after that week.

Are we just weak minded or what?

2005-03-22, 00:20
Amicolola Falls to Dicks creek-about 75 miles. It took us 7 days.

We weren't rushing or pushing too hard but I do remember that we were pretty sore and tired after that week.

Are we just weak minded or what?

I'd say your fine. Or bragging! Must not be takeing any children with you. My doll baby, (8 years old this trip, 3rd week on the trail), can bust out an amazing 1m.p.h. consistantly for 8 hours of hiking.

I've figured out that its easier to hike at your pace, than to carry a second persons gear and hike slow. I'm sore and tired after a 45 mile, 7 day hike.

Use it while you got it!

2005-04-21, 15:08
Certainly not bragging...I know there are many others out there who do 10 - 15 mile days (and more)!

I would like to take my children out with me soon...looking forward to that and also found some great ideas for hiking with children...have to look for that website again...good info


2005-04-21, 15:09
I am going to look into an October hike before I head back to Germany...maybe something on the AT or maybe something in a warm state? Arizona in October? Any ideas?

2005-05-12, 04:21
Here is our plan....a little more solid but still working on it.

On or about June 28th we will meet at the Hike Inn at Fontana Damn, NC. Cost for the overnight stay is $30 plus tax.

On or about June 29th we will begin our hike south on the AT. Our destination is Dicks Creek Gap in Hiawassee, GA.

The trip is about 97 miles. 8-10 days is sufficient time to cover this distance (even for out of shape hikers like myself). We should arrive between July 6th-8th.

Once in Hiawassee we will either 1) get a shuttle to the Hike Inn at Fontana Damn for $35 - $60 depending on the number of hikers we have or 2) get in a car that we prepositioned before we started hiking and return to Fontana.

Dates are flexible by a few days on either side. If you can't make the whole trip, you can start / stop whenever you need to.


The topic thread is here. (http://www.cimoli.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=120#120)

State - Lo - Hi June / Lo - Hi July
Georgia - 73 - 82 / 76 - 84
North Carolina - 70 - 79 / 73 - 81

2005-05-17, 04:41
I have parked at Dick's Creek Gap without incident, but I felt really paranoid doing it. It's just a parking lot on the side of the main east-west traffic corridor in North Georgia; $2 a day doesn't protect your car against drunks in the night.

2005-05-31, 22:28
Hey Scout, If you're still looking for a place to stage a vehicle at Dick's Creek Gap you might want to contact Joyce Monroe (706-896-9339). Joyce is a shuttle provider who lives only 3 miles west of Dick's Creek Gap. Last week I hiked from Neel's Gap to Dick's Creek Gap. Joyce shuttled me to Neel's and I left my vehicle parked in her yard. I felt a little more comfortable leaving it there instead of at the Dick's Creek trailhead parking lot.

2005-06-03, 13:37
Thanks brother!