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2005-02-25, 08:30
Just wanted to say thanks for all the work on the web site! This is the first site I visit almost every morning, I just wish I could spend more time on the trail and at the camp fire. I have to have knee surgery #5 at the end of March and will be looking forward to a quick recovery. I'm taking all my hiking and camping equipment with me to Korea this summer and will let you know what I find there. Thanks again for all the great advise.
Rock Rules

2005-02-25, 20:31
Where you going to in Korea? Ive made a few trips over there myself.
Mt Soyu, just north of Camp Casey, is really nice now. Wooden platforms and railings along the more tricky parts. Early 90s I about fell off that B*&$#.

Great hiking around Uijongbu also.

If stuck in Seoul, there is always Namsan mountian right near Yongsan with the nice tower up on top.

SGT Rock
2005-02-25, 21:48
Thanks for the compliment and good luck with the knee.

2005-02-27, 12:13
I'm headed for Kunsan AB for a year back to the flight line, Ive seen some photo's af a Provential park about 2 hours south of Kunsan with some wicked trails. I will be taking my reppelling gear with me and all of my camping equipement.