View Full Version : Just had a few beers with Iceman

2005-02-28, 01:17
True to his name he is a caveman in the truest sense of the word. LOL.

Just kidding man.

We just met up and had a couple of beers. Nice guy, one you know you can trust after just meeting him and talking for 5 min.

Next round IS on me.

That bartender will be talking to his buddies tomorrow about those guys that were talking about shitting in the woods.

2005-03-01, 01:49
Thanks for the vote of confidence Jimtanker. What Jimtanker failed to mention was his name is derived from his ability to consume a tanker of brew. (Now my turn to kid around)
Hey Rock, it is really amazing to see how much in common a couple of guys have who met as a result of your site. I would imagine when you meet someone on the trail, who you have conversed with, you get the same feeling. I know I appreciate this forum for all of the insight and common ground many of us share. I'll try not to get too emotional, I think I'm getting a little "verklempft" (spelling), someone help me out here, oh-forget it!

SGT Rock
2005-03-01, 09:08
I suppose you are right. This forum seems to have a fairly narrow but dedicated group of people that post here, I suppose we have something in common that makes that so.

2005-03-01, 11:26
See, my mom always did tell me I was special!!!