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2005-03-01, 14:02
I just saw your latest Ion stove on the your special site and it looks really cool. I may buy one even though I have lots of alcohol stoves. I was wondering if you submitted one to BackpackingLight for testing. Apparently they are in the process of testing alcohol stoves for a future report. I'm sure yours would do well compared to the others.

Also, when you retire from the Army, after you have finished your thru-hike, have you considered working for the National Park Service? When I got out of the Navy I worked several summers in Grand Teton and Olympic Parks as a seasonal trail crew worker. I really loved it. The National Park Service gives preference in hiring to veterans (or at least they used to) and many of the rangers and maintenance people you see working in the National Parks are former military. It is somewhat like the military in that you have a uniform, work for the government, and get to transfer around to different locations. Of course there are major differences compared to the military and you wouldn't be fighting anyone except maybe a tourist now and then. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for all you do for the hiking community Rock!

2005-03-01, 14:39
Yeah, and we could all get "free" passes to GSMNP, no BS to get a wilderness pass! Who, go for it Rock!

As for the stove reviews, I sent them one of my stove sets back in March, and they still havent published their reviews for alchy stoves yet!?! Originally I was told August, but, so much for that!


SGT Rock
2005-03-02, 20:36
Actually I sent a few for their tests a while back before I came up with the design. MAybe I could find the e-mail address of the tester and send them the newer Ion design.