View Full Version : Greetings

2005-03-01, 16:25

I am brand new to this forum and stumbled upon this fabulous place due to my recent facination with Hennesey Hammocks. I hope to make some meaningful contributions and learn some new things too.

I love so much about what I have seen so far.
I love to modify ALL my gear and hope to share some ideas on the subject.
I also LOVE to invent and create homemade gear. My failures far exceed my successes in homemade gear... but I am very proud and adament about my triumphs.

Just a general hello and thanks for having this forum.
This already feels like an old comfortable shoe.
Wish I had known about this place years ago.

SGT Rock
2005-03-02, 20:36
Welcome Turk, always nice to have some more enthusists here.