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2005-03-06, 18:33
My wife and I summer in central Vermont and frequently day hike and backpack the LT. In 2003 we thru-hiked the entire trail, hoping to tent as much as possible. Of the 31 nights we spent on the trail we were able to/chose to tent only 13 times. Sometimes it was raining so we chose to sleep in shelters but most of the other times there were simply no good (i.e., flat, clear, not rocky) places near the shelters to tent. We could have tented on the platforms at Emily Proctor but they were located quite far (and uphill) from the shelter and privy.

We tented at Seth Warner, Nauheim, Stratton Pond, Griffith Lake, Little Rock Pond, Cowles Cove, Montclair Glen, Bamforth Ridge, Buchanan, Twin Brooks, Round Top, and Spruce Ledge.

What are other folks experiences? Do you have some favorite LT tenting sites or know of some good ones? Thanks.


2005-03-06, 19:04
You're right - choice tent sites are hard to come by on the LT, and many of the ones I've used in the past (back to the sixties) aren't available anymore. Most of the southern half of the trail is on Green Mtn Natl forest, so stealth camping is OK. I remember some great nights just north of the Mass border, and at Bloodroot Gap north of Sherburne Pass - you could hear each gust of wind coming up the west side of the ridge before it slammed into the tent and kept on going.