View Full Version : Hammock Design

2005-03-07, 13:22
If you are interested in homemade gear, I've been working an a new hammock design for my section hike this spring (Rainbow Springs to Mtn Mommas). It encorporates a Risk-syle tarp (5'x10'), an equipment hammock, a Speer-like hammock body made of 10mm silk, "shoe string" tree-huggers, and of course the Garlington Insulator with a bag-o-feathers insulating bag.

Details: http://www.garlington.biz/Ray/SilkHammock/

Any comments or ideas please post.

SGT Rock
2005-03-07, 13:49
Very cool stuff.

The Hammocker
2005-03-07, 19:21
Nice job!!!!!