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2003-01-08, 01:32
What is the highest mountain a NoBo will climb before reaching GSMNP if he/she started at Springer?

2003-01-08, 01:54
Tallest Mtn. base to peak? Or highest elevation?
What is GSMNP?
I have no coffee, Midnight is too early for these riddles!:D

2003-01-08, 01:56
GSMNP= Great Smoky Mountains National Park
highest elavation, highest peak a hiker on the AT would go over
before entering GSMNP
I would give you a native clue but that would be too easy!

2003-01-08, 02:02
would that be Standing Indian Mountain?

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 02:10
I vote Standing Indian as well. Although it isn't a hard climb at all.

2003-01-08, 02:10
Tomorow there will be another AT quizz.
Today's winner gets an all expense paid trip to the lower Bronx! Maybe even dinner with the former POTUS while there! But wait there's more, being todays ATquiz winner you also get a WINGNUT certified ATcellphone- but you cannot play again for 1 month.

2003-01-08, 02:12
begins at Dicks Creek Gap....but for us it will probably a sobo section hike when that time comes...and if successful this weekend we will be very close to the Indian...but that just means I am closer to Georgia :(

2003-01-08, 02:24
GSMNP, Yeah, Duh, I told you it was too early for this!

2003-03-06, 14:43
Follow-up trivia: what's the highest AT point in Georgia? Used to be a favorite night hike of me and some buddies when I lived in Atlanta. No peeking at trail guides or maps; I want your gut reaction.

2003-03-06, 14:54
Blood Mountain
I'm going there the end of the month.

2003-03-06, 15:24
Shazam. Someone get that scorpion a cigar.

The second to last time I hiked Blood was the day they re-opened the AT after the big fire in November 1999, and the fire damage seemed irreversable. I hiked it six months later and it was hard to tell there'd been a fire that recent. Amazing how it all bounces back.