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2005-03-12, 16:56
Well I would like to ask you guys for some input when it comes to medications.
Not all of us are perfect models of health and vigor. I myself am an asthmatic and suffer from a multitude of alergies. My asthma is well controlled ... but there is always the risk of an attack on the trail.

My first question is ... what do you do about your asthma inhaler.
My biggest fear is not needing it on the trail .. but rather losing it. The thought of not having it if I needed it, is enough to bring on a minor attack.

The only thing I have done so far is bind it with twine, and tie that to my belt loop, as a life line should it ever slip from my pocket. Anyone know something else a little more secure I could be doing?

Second question .... pills. I have to take several a day. waterproofing is also a major concern. Also it is important to keep the separated, as many have no markings on them and are all the same color and aproximate size. I would not want to mistake one for the other in the dark.

Do any of you have a really secure waterproofing method for your medications? I would love some input and if possible keep the weight and volume down to an absolute minimum.

Last question ... where do you keep your medications. Assuming that they are required meds, and losing them could incapacitate you seriously and risk major health and safety problems. Do you guys keep your meds on your person at all times? Do you opt for a quick access on the pack?
Some insights would be much appreciated.

Jim Henderson
2005-03-12, 19:19
I would recommnend one of those pill boxes you can buy at any drug store. they come in many sizes and have a compartment for different reasons like, day, morning/afternoon etc. They are plastic and don't weigh much.

Of couse many of them are NOT waterproof, so I would then put it into a good heavy ziplock bag.

Maybe you could get a belt "holster" for your inhaler. Or maybe just have two in separate places in your gear. I think I have even seen holsters sold specifically for this reason.

Extra weight of course but if you have to have backups then a few ounces is your penalty.

Good Luck,

Jim Henderson

2005-03-12, 21:59
I carry my prescription meds in old film canisters, then in a plastic bag with my other hygeine stuff. never had a pill get wet yet. my bee sting kit goes in a pocket on my hip belt - it's a Mountainsmith sidekick, just like a holster. No longer made, but available in some stores that sell closeouts, or a few internet stores.