View Full Version : Trail/Camping Fees on the OT?

2005-03-22, 23:40
I'm planning to get onto the OT in April. What are the fees to hike/camp along the trail? Is it different when in Arkansas vs. Oklahoma?
Can you point me to a website that would detail the requirements?

Thanks for the help.

2005-04-01, 01:28
Hi Greg

No fees to hike or camp along the trail, except at the State Parks or campgrounds.

Details in Tim Ernst's guidebook.


2005-04-01, 07:54
Greg, please get a copy of Tim Ernst's "Ouachita Trail Guide." http://store.cloudland.net/merchant.ihtml?id=1&step=2. I don't know about your area, but it's available at every outfitter here. Ernst is the most knoweledgable resource for hiking in AR.

BTW, Ernst points out that the the OK portion of the OT is pretty tough. I've hiked sections there. The trail does climb! Great views. It's the wet time of year. It ought to be a great hike.

2005-04-01, 15:02
I'll go to REI (I live near Dallas), I'm sure they have a copy.

I don't need a pass or permit to get on the trail? That's great news. Thanks for the help.

2005-04-01, 18:31
Greg, the idea of a permit will seem a little odd once you've gone down the trail a bit. You *might* see some other people outside the state parks but you really may not. The OT features a lot of solitude especially once you get to AR. Have a great hike.

2005-04-01, 21:09
It's sounding better and better...