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2005-03-23, 01:24
I noticed in Sgt. Rocks profile that he should be retiring shortly before his planed thru hike. With alot of people on this site being former military, we have been given the insight of proper planning.

Heres my thoughts.

Sgt Rock, you figure out where your going N 2 S, or S 2 N, or splitting. You let us know where you need to be resupplied at (probably end up with a trail buddy for a day or two) and we will resupply you.

That simple. Providing everyone does as they say they would. (hence plan B which would be unfortunatly your wifes).

I assume some day you would have to write a book about your experience as the first person to thru hike with the web as your resupply point. This site would become backpacking lore.

Lots to think about, but I know there are alot of us who haven't even picked a date yet. Dont let us down. If you want some help, (maybe you dont), lets plan your hike with our help in resupplying. (Just remember to eat what your given and compliment!).

2005-03-23, 01:35
I cheated. I gave myself 5 stars.

SGT Rock
2005-03-23, 09:31
I am most likely going NOBO. The plan date sort of depends on what happens in the near future with the Army. I may make E9 before too long, or I may not. So I have multiple courses of action, the earliest involves winning the lottery and retiring this week, and the latest involves a 2010 start date.

I appriciate the offer, and I will assuradly have a few loud anouncements before I go plus a system for y'all to follow my journal once I get rolling. I hope to meet many faces when I do go :D

2005-03-23, 11:54
Consider your Vermont resupply points covered!

Rage in a Cage
2005-03-23, 23:02
When you do make your thru, I'll be glad to help any way that I can. I am sure there will be many others that will be willing to help also. Good luck on the lottery.

2005-03-25, 13:35
...and when you DO play the lottery, how about buying a ticket for me each time you play... :biggrin:

...then I will retire with you and HIKE ON!

SGT Rock
2005-03-26, 12:01
LOL, Sounds good.