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2005-03-23, 13:15
Hi all,
I'm new to the forum. Anyone try the "Byer The Moskito Traveller" hammock from campmor? It's $40 and comes with mosquito netting, is rated for 240lbs and weighs 16oz. I have a nice silnylon tarp already and can't see buying a whole system when I only need the hammock. I've never slept in one but have read good things. It seems like a more economical way to try one out. Also considering one from this manufacturer
......it looks pretty good and can be bought for $50. I'm not usually a cheapskate and believe that you get what you pay for but I'm being monitored by the spousal radar. Anyone have any insight on these 2 hammocks??

2005-03-23, 13:31
Maybe you can get a cheap Hennessy hammock. Right now there's a "Clearance Sale of Demo and Second Hammocks". Can't say anything about what the prices are, but it's worth a look nonetheless.


SGT Rock
2005-03-23, 16:30
It looks like it might work. It is something that would be worth trying, although it looks a little heavier than what a Hennessy would provide for the same space or coverage.

2005-03-23, 17:18
The Mosquito hammocks look like a souped up design the Dinks used in Vietnam. The Dink hammock had two layers of silk or rayon for the bed and a cord was pulled through a hem on either end for the support ties (as did the GI hammock). The second layer could be slept either on or under for (a little) warmth or when a level of bug proofing was desired. I'm not sure from the pictures that you can get into the lining of this one, but you have the netting to protect you from bugs.
I was never able to get a pad to lay under me in a GI type hammock and dispaired of using a hammock in a temperate climate until Sgt Rock and the Southernpaddler showed me a Hennessy and the Speer with a peapod.
I'm not enamored with zippers or hook and loop but if you don't care for a bottom pour hammock like the Hennessy, these look viable and reasonably priced.

2005-03-23, 18:04
Three year ago Smee and I made two of these by sewing moskito net to a Beyer Traveler, 11 oz, hammock. We used velcro on the side vice zipper and had only one lift loop vice the two on the current Beyer Moskito model....They worked well, but I never cared for the string and the tangle that sometimes ocurred. Use of a Carabiner between the end loop and the tree rope made this problem very manageable....Eventually we went to Hennessys for simplicity....we still use these hammocks for guest hikers when we are trying to get everyone in hammocks so as not to need "tentable campsites". The price seems fair enough and they are light. The zipper is only on one side, sooooo plan accordingly.

Rage in a Cage
2005-03-23, 22:55
I agree with Blackdog. Call or email Tom Hennessy and see what he has. Tell him about the other hammocks you are considering and I wouldn't be surprised if you find he has a second or used hammock that will be more bang for your buck. I own three Hennessy hammocks and have been pleased with the performance and Hennessy's service.