View Full Version : HH Ultralight vs. A-Sym

2005-03-25, 11:06
i'm new to the forum but have been reading SGT Rock for sometime now. i've read the reviews of the HH and have consequently decided to give it a try. i found a new one on eBay for a very reasonable price however after receiving it i discovered that what i had actually purchased was the older Ultralight and not the A-Sym. now, my question is should i keep the ultralight or go with the A-Sym. like i said, i've read SGT Rock's review of both but there doesn't seem to be a preference for one or the other. someone help me out. i don't want to even take this out of the bag if the A-Sym is superior. i'm 5'8", 180 lbs.

SGT Rock
2005-03-26, 12:01
I don't think that it is that much different. The main changes is the main ropes, which has changed from spectra nylon to spectra nylon with a sleeve over it and the body/tarp shape. In the A-Sym the side tie off points are offset to the sides from each other rather than a symmetrical diamond. I still have mine and one of my sons uses it.

2005-03-26, 21:05
You might want to think twice about the fly....the non asym models used to be smaller....

Rage in a Cage
2005-03-27, 14:43
Matt, You didn't say how much you invested. That could be a factor in your decision. I have used both models and was satisfied with each. The non-asym was a huge step up in comfort from sleeping on the ground and it was worth it to me. As Peter Pan stated it did have a smaller fly than my present asym and was less forgiving if I didn't take the time to properly tie the fly. When I used it in windy, rainy weather I would have to keep the fly tighter against the hammock to avoid getting wet from wind blown horizontal rain. It also seemed that if I tightened down the fly and did not experience the wind and rain I would have quite a bit of condensation on the inside of the fly and netting the next morning. It was never a major problem for me but it may be something that you wish to consider. The asym with the larger fly allows me to have more ventilation without the fear of rain being blown inside and less condensation.
As far as sleeping flatter I hung both side by side and laid in each one to see if there was a difference and I didn't see a big difference. I may not be as sensitive as some people so don't take this to mean that you absolutely will not see a difference.
IF it were me and if the purchase price was within 30 or 40 dollars of the asym, I would send it back and get the asym. If the difference in price was greater than 40 dollars then I would keep the non-asym.
Also If it were me I would be on the phone to Hennessy on Monday to see what they may have left on clearance before making my decision. :)