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2005-03-31, 03:09
Just wondering if anybody tried a reindeer skin as a replacement for a sleeeping pad ?

It's probably too heavy for long distance/ultralite hikers, but I've found that they're used as sleepingpads in the northern of Scandinavia and should be very comfy to sleep on. And they could be cut down in size.

Only tried muskox myself, but such a skin is way too heavy . . . . :elefant:

2005-03-31, 05:56
If you mean whole skins with the fur still on them (pelts?) then I've tried them and liked them. :) The fur is surprisingly stiff and doesn't compress too much. But it's essential to keep them dry. The snowmobile sleds up here are often insulated with them, and a fika (snack) on the fjells (mountains) is not complete without them to sit on.

BTW, strong swedish coffee (cooked, not perculated) tastes fantastic on a sunny day in the fjells, especially with some dried and lightly smoked reindeer meat instead of cookies. Gáhkku (a type of pan bread) is also nice.

But offering reindeer products to american tourists is not done without some careful considerations. One of my friends told me of an american family that visited him. My friend served some local specialties, which he presented to the family and their friends. But as he offered one of the daughters som dried reindeer meat cut into chips, she started crying. She wept for a long time and then turned to my friend with tears rolling from her eyes and said:

"You killed Rudolph!"

2005-03-31, 06:55
Of course I should have written pelts :)

We bought a nice little reindeer pelt in Nikkalouakta, but it's too small to use as sleepingpad. But it rolls up nicely and is not 'so' heavy, so I was thinking about buying one to cut it into sleepingpad size.

I think it will go nicely with my reindeer skin coffeebag ("Kaffepåse") and my tree-cup ("Träkåsa").

I've read that it's important to get the treated pelts and not just the dried ones since the dried ones will start to rott when they get moist.

Reindeer Pelt (http://www.tassemark.se/LANGUAGE1/Produkt.asp?PK1ID=47&PK2ID=185&PID=872)

Reindeer surely is tasty :biggrin:

2005-03-31, 09:28
Is reindeer meat similar to the venison (deer or elk) from North America? Mmmmm Venison.....

2005-03-31, 09:29
My Dad brought one of those back from Norway or Finland in the 1970's when he was in the USAF and as stated above; it was a comfortable and warm sleeping pad but heavy (as is most GI equipment from any country). It was cut full length and as I understood was standard issue for that Scandinavian country's arctic forces. I never really liked it though and after 20 years or so, gave it away. Something to do with the fact that the hide was urine tanned and even after 20 years, couldn't get that faint but pervasive stink off it. Come to think of it, that's probably why Mom made Dad give it to me. :love:

2005-03-31, 10:10
Is reindeer meat similar to the venison (deer or elk) from North America? Mmmmm Venison.....

It's got a bit of that "wild" taste, but is somehow different from deer, never tried elk but it's differs much from Moose.