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2005-03-31, 13:51
Can someone point me in the direction of a FAQ for fabric? I'm getting started hiking, as well as making my gear, and it seems everyone has an opinion on what works best where, but I've yet to find discussion of tear strength so I'm not sure how light I can go. I'm also curious about the merits and drawbacks of various fabrics for various purposes. For instance, Ray Garlingtons silk hammock is intriging, but if I've got extra is it strong enough or otherwise appropriate for a pack?

A FAQ forum here or a wiki, like the HammockWiki (http://www.imrisk.com/cgi-bin/hwiki.pl?HammockWiki), would be a perfect place to host a FAQ like this. If one does not exist I may try to post something based on my reading, but it would be most useful coming directly from those of you with experience. Destructive testing would be most interesting!

Speaking of wiki's, is there an ultralight wiki? Wikipedia is skimpy on the subject of lightweight backpacking and ultralight points only to ultralight airplanes.


2005-03-31, 14:08
I don't know if they'll have exactly what you're looking for, but owareusa.com might be a good place to start.

One thing to be very careful of with silk is the potential for allergic reactions. A friend of mine discovered this the hard way by wearing silk boxers for a day :bawling:

2005-03-31, 14:27
They list what fabric is used for each product, but not why they chose that particular fabric.

Allergic reactions are exactly the kind of thing that belongs in a FAQ! Is that a problem with other fabrics or coatings?

2005-03-31, 14:33
I can see Top making a page about alcohol stoves... Wikipedia pages on this and that would certainly be a way to "advertize" Hiking HQ too.

Adding stuff to wikipedia is a Goodthing(TM). Why didn't I think of that?