View Full Version : Reflectors

2005-04-01, 13:24

Do any of you use some sort of reflector pad/blanket in your hammock? What kind?



2005-04-01, 14:50
Reflectors don't work because they are reflective they work because they are windproof. Don't bother. You'll be better off with sil-nyl or simple plastic wrap to block the wind.

Closed cell foam (or another actual insulator) along with something to block the wind (these two could be the same thing) is what you want to look at.

Aussie Nutter
2005-04-02, 02:46
I got very cold in the mountains when i first used my hammock. So the next night i wrapped my poncho around my sleeping bag and it made a big difference. I am also not a believer in reflectors because i think that technology only works for larger amounts of heat... such as a bar heater or a cooker for instance.
Pad would be the best i think. Im looking at a full length light weight thermarest instead of a closed cell or eva mat. Pad inside your sleeping bag is best?