View Full Version : Anyone used a Treeboat?

2005-04-01, 19:33
This Treeboat (http://newtribe.com/treeboats.html) looks interesting. Designed for treeclimbers to hang up in the canopy or down below. Much heavier than the hammocks discussed here, probably because of the weight of the fabric they use. I'm thinking of a homemade version for my wife who is uncomfortable in my basic models, but done in lighter fabric.

2005-04-02, 23:36
looks very interesting... the one solves the issue of how to "sleep" with two in a hammock

2005-04-08, 12:42
Hi Guys --

I'm new here, but have been hiking and camping for my entire life.

I've never personally used a treeboat, but a number of my friends have them, and really like them. Granted, these are urban forestry guys who regularly swing from ropes in trees, but they really have a lot of good things to say aboutthe treeboat.