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2005-04-08, 13:03
Hi all --

This site is great! I'm a new member. Have been reading the site for awhile. Have been hiking, camping, and canoeing for years.

I'm 5'7", 140 lbs. I'm looking at getting a HH for backpacking (and thru-hiking the AT next summer).

What model should I go for? As txulrich pointed out, REI has the explorer ul asym on sale right now -- is this a good option for me, or is it too large? Would I be best off spending a little more on the ul backpacker, save a few ounces, and have a smaller interior (since I'm a little guy)?

Have any of you tried several different models out? What are your thoughts about the different ones?



(edited to expand questions since I was interrupted before. )

2005-04-08, 14:02
I'm 5'10", 185, and have used an older model HH for years which is about the same size as the Backpacker and found it roomy enough. I recently bought an Explorer UL Asym with my REI dividend and really like the extra roominess. It's only a few extra inches but the new Asym cut plus those inches make a difference.
Go to REI and tell them you want to try them both out. They're usually good about letting you set stuff up. I imagine you could find some good support poles in their stockroom which you could secure to. An alternative would be to buy them both, take them home and set them up in your backyard. Then, return the one you like least.
Have fun shopping!

SGT Rock
2005-04-08, 14:37
I think the UL Asym will be the best model for you.

2005-04-08, 17:03
Thanks for the advice guys.

Sgt Rock -- do you mean the UL Backpacker Asym, or the Explorer UL Asym? (unfortunately, their naming scheme makes it a little difficult sometimes...!)


SGT Rock
2005-04-08, 17:56
UL backpacker A-Sym.

Rage in a Cage
2005-04-10, 00:37
John, I am 5'7" also. I weighed 145 when I first got my Backpacker Asym. I like it because it is lighter than the explorer. There is plenty of room for us small guys and then some. I realize that you can save a few bucks with the explorer but I bet you will regret the extra weight at some point and wish you had bought the backpacker asym.
I would spend the extra bucks and get the "lighter"backpacker asym. :)

2005-04-20, 14:51
Thanks for the input. I decided to go with the backpacker asym. (There are currently a number available on ebay for $110-140. I assume that these are the remnants of the clearence sale from a few weeks ago?!?)

I'm going to end up making my own larger tarp (along the lines of the HH hex-tarp). I have a lot of experience sewing, and figured that it would be a lot cheaper to get silnylon to make a lightweight tarp than to buy a finished tarp pre-made. Any recommendations about the dimensions I should use? I want to be able to use it as a cooking/sitting tarp in addition to a hammock tarp... Any other things I should think about making to go along with the hammock?

anyway, I look forward to joining the "hanging crowd" with you guys!


Just Jeff
2005-04-20, 15:26
Any other things I should think about making to go along with the hammock?

Python skins, underquilt, top quilt, gear hammock, larger tree huggers...