View Full Version : Has anyone else tried black?

2005-04-09, 23:05
I bought a can of 1200 degree black stove paint, and, similar to the results I had 2 years back with painting my stove black, I was dissapointed. I did not notice any real performance gains. It seemed like it was vaporizing more alcohol than it usually does, which ends up not being burned, and just condensing along the bottom of my pot (which is 3\4" above the stove, on Stainless steel supports. It looks cool, apears to be durable enough to last time with care (not as long as I would want it to though, but I guess I could just recoat), but I just dont see any performance gains from it. Anyone else try this?


2005-04-10, 09:39

Couple of years ago the issue was paint the pot black for more rapid heat absorbsion... Did it on all my different pots...can't really say that it helped, but they look cool....and I made the effort to gain the benefit, if any.


2005-04-10, 09:52
I haven't tried it but if I understand what is going on (this stuff can be pretty tricky), you may not be getting the results you are looking for. It sounds like your burner is not in direct contact with your pan. With the burners that are in direct contact with the pan things work a little differently; the heat from the pan heats the burner using conductive heat transfer since there is metal to metal contact... this results in these burners being warmer. The flat black paint will likely make these burners run a little cooler because the black paint makes them more efficient radiators.

With burners that are not in direct contact with the pan, they don't have this conductive heat transfer and they warm up because of the radiant heat that they absorb. The flat black paint makes them more efficient absorbers and they run a little warmer... so if the burner is in physical contact with the pan the black paint cools them down and if the burner is not in physical contact with the pan the black paint warms them up.

If you are warming up your burner and it is not burning the vaporized alcohol, I would question whether you are getting enough air to the burner?