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2003-01-15, 16:51
is a person who is still trying to figure out the whole hiker/gear thing while on the trail. The "Hicker stage" last approxemetly to Damascus, VA where people start to be very comfortable with their gear, resupplies, and general outdoor skills.

A "hicker" will do things like blow up their stove because they don't know how to properly work it, make a fool of themself when s/he is setting up his/her tent, fall in the water source when getting water, etc.

You can have a "hicker" moment at anytime of your hike, even if you are no longer considered a "hicker".

You can still be considered a "hicker" after Damascus if you talk non-stop about your gear and others gear, still can't figure out your stove, carry way to much food between resupplies, etc.

No one is immune from the "hicker" stage! Beware! You, too, are a "hicker!"

(as explained by Seiko in Hampton, TN near Kincora)

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 16:58