View Full Version : Ion In Wind?

2005-04-12, 15:36
I often hike above 10,000 ft where it is sometimes treeless and usually windy. Therefore wind resistance and pot stability are my two biggest priorities. How does your Ion stove compare to other alcohol stoves such as the Brasslites and the Trangia in these qualities, assuming the proper use of a windscreen? Boil time is not a top priority for me.


SGT Rock
2005-04-12, 17:57
If you want a fast boil time, don't get an Ion. It is a slow and fuel efficient stove, but it does not do fast. My windscreens are made to work effectively in the wind - only a section contain air holes and the screen wraps fairly tight around the pot. The goal is to keep the side of the screen without holes into the wind.

I am working on a much faster stove that should also do well in the wind, but it won't be as fuel efficient. How fast do you need it to boil?

2005-04-12, 20:31
Oh no, I don't need a fast boil time, slow and efficient is fine with me. I was just wondering if your Ion maintained it's efficiency under windy conditions. I've noticed that some alcohol stoves need a lot more alcohol to boil in the wind. You already answered that question. Thanks!