View Full Version : Hi from Misouri

2005-04-12, 19:26
Im here at Fort Leonard Wood, Misouri going through non-leathal weapons instructor school. Just wanted to say "HI" and see if there is anyone in the area that I can go out and drink beer with this weekend.

Ill be back in Washington soon but only for a week. Then I'll be off to for Fort Knox, Kentucky for three months looking for more drinking partners. Anyone in the Fort Knox area???

SGT Rock
2005-04-12, 20:18
I'm sometimes at Ft Knox. Brigade HQ is there.

Non-lethals LOL. We never got anything except CS while I was there. Our lane has a 30 minute block of instruction on it that is a waste of time.

2005-04-12, 21:43
Well, hope I can buy you a beer when I am over there for Master Gunner school.

Im going through the 2 week school, pretty great but alot more book work than I though there would be.