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2003-01-15, 17:06
The Superior Hiking Trail runs from Two Harbors, MN to just past Grand Marais, MN a trail distance of 250+ miles. There are plans in the works that will bring the trail through the outskirts of the city of Duluth, to add another 100-150 miles of trail. This trail will become a section of the North Country Trail.

A great trail with many scenic veiws of Lake Superior. Great campsites (no shelters), all with privies. Lots of walking along creeks and rivers.

Moose! Bears! Wolves! Tell all your friends about the great adventures they could be having through this wild country!

Team GAK
2003-01-16, 09:14
Hey PushingDaisies,

We're planning out that hike now and all that's left is getting a month off from work or retire or win the lottery. Have you done this hike? We have the guide and maps and it sound like there's a good shuttle and community around the trail. When is a good time to hike this for minimizing bugs and crowds? We would prefer temps above 40's at night. There would be 3 of us. "G" from team GAK, "A" from team GAK and our failthful companion Curly Girl. I've been on their web site and we have a family membership. All we need is some time.

2003-01-16, 16:46
Yeap. I have thru hiked once and section hiked it once. And I'm on the trail almost every weekend.

As for the bugs- Black Flies hatch around the end of May and last until early to mid July. And don't forget the MN state bird, the mosquito. :D Due to the many lakes in MN, mosquitos are thick through out the summer. The last few years have seen an infestation of Army Worms (many, many catipillers), but last year was the worst of the three year cycle ending last year.

As for a good time to hike. If you like cooler weather to hike in, I would go in September.The nights are around or above the 40's, bugs aren't as bad and you'll get the start of the fall colors at the end of September.

When I thru hiked the trail, I hiked in August, which wasn't so bad. The mosquitos were hiding that year, but the moose definiately were not. :) The wolves were howling near-by on our first night on the trail. We only shared a campsite twice and saw few other hikers besides day hikers. The trail is not "crowded" at all.

The Superior Shuttle service (not apart of the Superior Hiking Trail Association) is a great service. If you need to, you can work out something with them to do your mail drops. That way you would not have to get off the trail at all.

If you need help getting to or from the trail, I will see what I can do to help you out. If you are going to hiking it this year, I might be able to get a friend to help you out as I will be on the AT.

Team GAK
2003-01-16, 20:51
Thanks for the info. We were thinking August or September and we are hoping for this year. Good luck on the AT and maybe we'll run into you when you get to the whites. We hike there a lot.

2003-01-16, 22:43
Make sure to stop in the office for the Superior Hiking Trail and say hi to Gaile and Paula for me!:D

2011-01-12, 23:21
Update on this old thread: our section hiker group of five hiked on the SHT in September from Temperance River State Park to Cascade River State Park section in four days. We loved the SHT. The weather was perfect until our last day when it got cold and rained, but even that was great. No bugs. Beautiful views. Large fairytale toadstool mushrooms. Not alot of people either. Actually we saw only four or so hikers after the first day. The SHT office in Two Harbors was friendly. Shuttle was great and on time. He even stopped so we could buy beer for our first night camp out since we left our vehicles at Cascade so we could go on to Grand Marais and beyond.
I posted a few pictures over on white blaze under my gallery. This trail is highly recommended and well worth the heck of a drive to get up there from the Ozarks. And for great burgers, pizza and beer in a trail town in the North? Try Grand Marais. Wonderful It was my first trip to Minnesota. The people are very friendly and the state is beautiful.