View Full Version : Provisions calculating

2005-04-20, 02:13
Anybody seen a provisions calculator that isn't based on brands and products ?
I've found one but it's something like : "For breakfast, one Super-duped(tm) energy bar and one bag of Old-Hiker-Bens(tm) blackberry toddy."
Brands are just imaginary.

I've made myself a small spreadsheet for calculating provisions for our next trip, but I don't know if it covers it all.
My Excel spreadsheet is attached as .xml (renamed to .txt for upload). It's only version 0.1 pre-alpha so don't expect much.
The values I've entered are for two persons but are only examples.

Is there any parameters I should add to my spreadsheet ? I haven't added calories nor joules to the spreadsheet, since I know we'll get enough food anyway :fisheye: .

I'm wondering wether I should code an applet for provisions calculating, when I get some time. It'll be hell to enter menus for 20 days, so it would be something based on fileparsing (probably xml or csv)

I don't think Sgt. Rocks elsewise splendid spreadsheets covers my needs.