View Full Version : Weekend on the Ouachita

2005-04-25, 14:57
I spent this weekend hiking/camping around Winding Stair mountain on the Oklahoma-side of the Ouachita Trail. It was spectacular. Daytime temps in the 70s, nighttime in the low 40s. I only saw 2 other hikers the entire weekend.
The moon Saturday night was nearly full and I sat outside from 0200-0300 watching the moonlight glow through the new oak leaves and listening to the quiet of the forest.

...It was heaven on earth.

2005-05-03, 16:34

I'll be heading to the OT this weekend with a couple of fellow hikers. We plan on doing the section b/w Hwy 9 and Hwy 7 in AR. I've heard this is the best section of the trail. I'll post an update next week to tell how the trip went.


2005-05-03, 22:13
Have fun and report back. I'm planning on getting up around Horsethief Spring in a couple of weeks.
As they say, "It's all good."