View Full Version : HH Ultralight Sags?

2005-04-25, 16:41
I've used an old (pre-Ultralight) HH for 5 years and this year I purchased a new Explorer Ultralight Asym. I camped with it this past weekend.
I tied off at about eye level, tightly, and the hammock was only about 18" off of the ground. While laying inside it felt like I was sagging a bit more than I remember in my old HH. I like the Asym cut but I believe I was more level in the non-Ultralight material.

Is it me or does the Ultralight stretch more than the standard versions? (I'm wondering if I should exchange the Explorer Ultralight Asym for the Explorer Deluxe Asym.)

SGT Rock
2005-04-25, 17:16
I think it may sag a little more, but I can't be sure. Maybe it was the trees giving a little?

Rage in a Cage
2005-04-25, 22:17
When I first moved from my non-asym to the asym I felt the same way but after three or four nights the problem went away. My guess is that the rope actually stretched a little the first couple of nights after that the rope settled into a more"solid" state. Did you notice if the hammock was a little lower to the ground when you got up in the morning?
Rock has a good point about the trees also. I have found that certain trees (pines) tend to give more when you enter the hammock making it almost impossible to take the "sag" out. Of course tree diameter also plays a part in keeping the hammock tensioned. You may want to give it a couple more tries before making the switch. Good Luck

2005-04-26, 09:05

You know more about the Hennessy Hammocks than I do, but my impression is if the ridgeline cord was taut when Greg was in the hammock then the tree bending wouldn't affect the hammock sag. I'm assuming the ridgeline cord was taut... Greg, was it taut?

If it was taut and you don't think it is right, then you could check the length of the ridgeline and the length of the fabric against Hennessy's spec's just to be sure it is right. Looking here http://www.hennessyhammock.com/comparisonchart.htm shows that for the Explorer Ultralight Asym the ridgeline is 108" and the fabric length is 132". When the ridgeline is taut these dimensions determine the sag of the hammock.


Just Jeff
2005-04-26, 11:03
my impression is if the ridgeline cord was taut when Greg was in the hammock then the tree bending wouldn't affect the hammock sag.

It wouldn't affect the sag as defined by the "lay" of the hammock. If the ropes stretched, the hammock would feel the same but would drop in elevation.

When mine was new, I would start with my butt about 24" off the ground and wake up a few inches off the ground. I was tied to fence poles that didn't sway much at all.

I think if you continue to use it the sag problem will go away soon.

2005-04-26, 14:10
When I talk about hammock sag, I'm referring to the shape of the hammock body. Hennessy's ridgeline keeps that consistant (as long as it's taut) and independent of droop in the support ropes. In hammocks without a ridgeline (like mine), that is not the case... droop and sag are pretty much the same thing.

I didn't read into Greg's post that he was concerned about droop, what I read was that the sag was different from what he was expecting.


2005-04-26, 14:47
The ridgeline was so taut I could have played it like a violin... (rimshot, please!)

I was actually speaking of both the sag and the droop.
Yes, I woke up a little closer to the ground than when I went to bed. Especially when I first tied it off it sunk down when I tested it. I re-tied and it sunk.
It may be that I was not used to the extra size of the Explorer (my old HH is the Expedition 2.5) but it did seem to sag a bit more than my old HH (per Youngblood's definition).

I'll try a it few more times before calling Hennessey.