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2005-04-25, 21:51
How do i lace the ropes through the ring a military surplus jungle hammock.
Also how should i attach it to a tree.

Thanks Larry

2005-04-26, 09:07
Lace the rope from one end thru the eyelets to the suspension ring and back thru the next eyelet etc....DO NOT cross the lines... Repeat on the other end of the hammock...When done you should be able to adjust the center portions "longer" than the sides... this allows for the center-line trough which provide some necessary stability in this model ( M1965). Tie your suspension ropes to the ring....

Note, that real authentic models with NSNs do not have a ring... they have an alloy triangle, about 3 " on a side,that has a big hole in one corner for the suspension rope and small holes corresponding to the hammock eyelets on the side opposite the big hole..........Big caution........ there is frequently excelerated wear on the hammock cord caused by this "triangular spreader Plate"....old soldiers learned to deburr these holes with the point of pocket knives and tightly rolled emery paper...super small rat tail files are nice if available...

Grommet models, as opposed to the knock offs with tabs, also have wear to the cords and the grommetted end of the hammock all caused by the grommet....inspect these areas daily and replace cords or hammock at first sight of wear..... Failure to do so will cause a rude awakening and possible injury in an 18-22 inch fall, especially if on uneven ground....back injuries are no fun.

Also use caution entering and exiting this style hammock...they are less stable than most modern camping hammocks....they are much narrower and therefore less side wrap....(30-36 " vs 48-60")...

Yes, I have personal experience with the M1965 Jungle hammock....these are REAL issues.... this was a great hammock thirty years ago....very few available back then....Used one as late as 2003...it dropped me in Low gap Ga in a snow storm...easily field repaired by relacing and tieing a knot...today there are better options in comfort, stability and maintenance issues...

Many soldiers today use other hammock models when permited even though they have to be personally purchased in many cases.


2005-04-26, 19:57
Thankyou i am in the process of lacing it now but how do i adjuct the ring?

2005-04-27, 16:46
i did what you said i think but it the hammock made a circle instead of going flat. Help!