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SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 17:37
Register - A log book normally found at a trail shelter or a trail head. The original intent was for hikers to sign in so a searcher needing to find a lost hiker could tell where they last were.

Registers have evolved into a form of news media for hikers. A place for them to write wat is going on at the shelter, on the trail, with other hikers, off trail information like hostels and resturaunts etc. Hikers post their thoughts and info and then take time to read what others have said.

Sometimes (especially at shelters) registers get a theme introduced by whoever placed the register, or a hiker that enters a question for follow on hikers to contemplate. It can be what songs go through your head while hiking, foods you crave, leave a joke etc.

Actually they can be similar to a Forum at times. :p