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2005-04-29, 13:39
well i just set up my new hennessey(safari deluxe) . set up wasen't bad at all,thanks to some of the info from this site.
well sgt. rock's #&*"@ was on the line on this one. i have been trying to make up my mind on whose hammock to buy. after reading hammock info on this site i as you can see,i settled on the hennessey.
i want to thank you all for the great information,i have been looking at hammockes for two yrs. now,and reading every gear test i could find.,trying not to make a bad buy. after reading through this site it was not a streach for me to see i had found the right place.
well the hammock set up was easey,after a few tear downs and re sets i thank i have it. what a great hammock ,thanks for the site man . shooter (com-nav-airpac-republic of vietnam 1969-1970)
again let me say you have a fine site here sarg,thanks

SGT Rock
2005-04-30, 17:42
Thanks. Welcome to the club :D

2005-05-01, 20:10
Welcome, fellow hanger.

2005-05-19, 14:34
I've had my Hennessy quite awhile (5+ years?? maybe more)- before Tom enlarged the fly !!!
This is how I modified my fly so my Hennessy would swing free like a normal hammock. And the over-sized storm fly I made for weather days.





this is what we looked like sleeping in our hammocks southwest of DaNang when I was introduced to sleeping in a hammock in the jungle - 1970-71
Your poncho was your rainfly. Of course if it was raining you probably weren't trying to sleep in a hammock. During monsoon we lived in our ponchos