View Full Version : Buffalo River Trail

2005-05-04, 07:29
Walked 26 miles of the BRT last weekend, from Pruitt to Ponca. This is about as late in the year as I'd care to go before the bugs and heat really kick in. Everything was exploding in green. We had a little rain on Friday but the trail was in good shape. It is a great hike. The views of the river and bluffs are fantastic. The only significant climb is between Erbie and Ponca. The solitude was great. We saw one other backpacker and only a couple of day hikers. The campgrounds were full of river floaters but we had the trail to ourselves.

2005-05-04, 10:17
That's cool. The Upper Buffalo is my favorite place in AR. I haven't been there in a couple of years (since son was born). But, plan to get back there when I can. Can't wait to take the son there in a few years.

I've hiked most of the trails in that area. My fave is the trail to Hemmed-In-Hollow - especially this time of year when you know the waterfall will be flowing. Stand under the water and feel the shock of 45 F. It's really great on a hot river float.

I went to school in NW Arkansas and really wished I had taken more advantage of the Buffalo area.