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Mountain Troll
2005-05-08, 18:14
Well I have used my expedition safari model Hennessy hammock for the second time. My right foot gets constricted in the tail end of the hammock while I sleep. I keep reading about the diagonal sleeping method but have yet had anyone explain it. Other than my foot falling asleep I slept comfortably. Am I doing something wrong. Also what is the best way to get in a sleeping bag while in my little suspended nest. :captain:

2005-05-08, 19:22
This advise refers to the HH asym. Right knee at the right tieout; left shoulder at the left tieout. HTH
entering THe HH in a sleeping bag is discussed elsewhere.

2005-05-08, 19:24
Do not lay along the centerline but diagonally across it. Put your head and shoulders to the left of the centerline and your feet to the right.

Voila! Diagonal.

Also, I find sleeping on my side the most comfortable in the HH.

Just Jeff
2005-05-08, 20:54
Put a pillow (clothes in a stuff sack) under your knees...a slight bend will make your knees feel better and help keep your feet from falling asleep.

If you're sleeping on your side, put the pillow between your knees and it'll relieve some pressure from your hips and lower back.

2005-05-08, 21:11
...What Jeff said.
Last summer I went out and got blisters on my heels (Cotton socks. WTF? :damnmate: ). Sleeping in the HH put pressure on my heels that I didn't like until I turned sideways. Live and learn...(again and again)!

2005-05-08, 21:39
Just Jeff is right about the clothes bag under the knees...you can be a back sleeper with heel blisters by moving a rolled jacket under the achillies tendon/back of lower calf and relieving the weight on the heels...


Mountain Troll
2005-05-10, 22:41
Thank you gentlemen for your replies. I will try them this weekend in the wilds of my backyard.