View Full Version : Whitney Punch on Sale Again!

2005-05-09, 14:00
Just in case some of you missed buying a Whitney Punch clone from
Harbor Freight, they are on sale again for $9.99+$6.00 to ship....The
link is:


Or go to www.harborfreight.com and searh PUNCHES or item# 44060-2VGA

I need a commission!

Just wanting to share, if you need some ideas of what to build, look
at my Stove and Acc. page.


SGT Rock
2005-05-10, 14:46
I just ordered me one. I wonder if I can punch through .022" Titanium with it?

2005-05-10, 18:45
I have punched holes in 'penny like' material. Not reccomended, but it did it!

SGT Rock
2005-05-10, 20:31
I'll try it. I was looking at my MSR Simmerlite the other day getting ready for some stove tests and I looked hard at those legs and then says to myself: "Self, I bet you could get some slightly thicker titanium and make a lighter set of legs" So I got some .022 and now I am trying to come up with a pattern. Drilling titanium can be a bear but cutting it isn't too bad, so I thought maybe punching some of the holes for the stand would be better than drilling them.

2005-06-16, 14:38
on sale for $9.99+$6.00 to ship....
item# 44060-2VGA

I printed the WebPage showing the $9.99 price
and took it to the store with me to get some 'Fathers Day' Sale stuff.
and they gave me the OnLine Sale price in the store.
Thanks for the heads up.

also, pretty much the same tool is avail via http://www.Grizzly.com/
as G8780 for $21

2005-06-16, 17:16
just bought it and a set of the wrench-style hole punches the other day

2005-06-24, 10:09
Ok Lanthar, what are you going to do with the wrench type punches? :confused:

2005-06-24, 10:14
smooth holes (http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=91201) bigger than 7mm... I figure it will make for cleaner cuts than scoring... I can't score metal worth a damn...

but I do have a "special" project in mind... gotta see if it will work though...

2005-06-24, 15:12
just bought it and a set of the wrench-style hole punches the other day
my mind is coming up with an 'echo' (ie. empty)...
what are "Wrench Style" hole punches ??
Do you have a Brand Part## and/or Web/URL ??
... I've never heard of them, so I must need to get some ;)
I Googled-it, and came up with THIS thread...
thanks --toyfj40

EDIT: D'oh, just noticed your "link" to Harbor-Freight
ITEM 91201-2VGA $29.99 Sale:$14.99
"Manual Knock-Out Punch Set".
now I understand what you mean by "wrench style".

2005-06-24, 18:23
"now I understand what you mean by "wrench style".

Me Too! :damnmate:

2005-06-27, 18:52
just got them in the mail today