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2005-05-10, 14:36
I'm thinking of trying to built an ION stove to test... I haven't converted to an alcohol stove yet, but would like to try it out.

Would a round altoids can work for the stove base? Would it be too big? Would the can not seal enough? Other thoughts? I figure that altoids cans are free and readily available, and, if they would work, I might as well try them...



SGT Rock
2005-05-10, 14:38
You could use altoids cans, but they are much larger than the cans I use. I would recommend making one from a couple of Red Bull cans or something similar like V8 splash.

2005-05-10, 15:32
Thanks Sarge, that answered my question.

Being an enterprising grad student, I came up with another possibility: soil sample tins. They come in several diameters (from 2 3/8 to 4"), have relatively tight-fitting lids, are pretty cheap (carton of 36 is $30-35 from forestry suppliers, and you should only need one can per stove instead of two. I think), and there are several boxes just sitting there in my professor's lab not being used...

Here's a link to them if anyone is interested:

Thanks again! I'll post my results after I try making one.


SGT Rock
2005-05-10, 15:35
Well, what sort of metal are they made from. 2 3/8" is close (a little big) but the Ion is only about 3/4" tall, so you would have to cut the can short. I have been playing with a steel roll top can for the Fireball stove since it doesn't melt at higher temps and it makes a better seal.

2005-05-10, 15:48
The box says "tin" but I think that is tin in the sense of a "tin can" - basically galvanized steel instead of actual tin. Anyway, the cans are magnetic.

They should cut to size relatively easily with a snips, and the edge can be sanded or rolled... I'll try it tonight and see what happens.

SGT Rock
2005-05-10, 16:40
Good luck. See if you can't post some pics.