View Full Version : Checking out for a week or so...

SGT Rock
2005-05-11, 05:03
I'm off in about an hour to head to Damascus. I'll be hitting the AT around Elk Garden and then hiking south into Damascus for Trail Days! :elefant:

If your at Trail Days, look me up. :captain: There will be two WhiteBlaze get together Saturday, one at 10:00 and the other about 1800ish. Both will be at Dots. I think at the 10:00 meeting we will then go across the street for pancakes.

Sunday I'll be heading to Hampton to Kincora Hostel to work on the Hard Core Trail Crew Sunday and Monday. Tuesday will be a travel day, probably helping shuttle some folks back to the AT wherever they hitched in from to get to Trail Days. :turtle:

Wednesday I should be back on the net.

Have a LIGHT day!