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The HotDog
2005-05-14, 18:21
I recently bought one at walmart and wondered how other people used them.
It says 101 uses but the web site only list 11 :confused:

* Snack Time Mat
* Under the Highchair
* Artist's Drop Cloth
* Craft Projects
* Beach Essential
* Picnic Spread
* Gardening Tarp
* Concert Companion
* Car Seat Protector
* Sporting Event Seating
* Exercise Mat

Just Jeff
2005-05-14, 20:43
I use mine to take up space on a shelf in the garage that wasn't full yet.

And to hold the sand that I inevitably bring back from the beach. Keeps it all in one place up on that shelf.

2005-05-16, 00:22
Here is info I previously added to a thread on this site, I have a bunch of NeatSheets, use them often hunting, camping, hiking, great product.;

Aside from our bags, we all carry a bizarro product called the Neat Sheet . The sheets are a breathable microfiberous sheet, with a brushed type finish, sold at Wally'sworld (Walmart). The sheets are marketed as a sheet which to picnic upon. Although not a propietary fabric, they are nonetheless breathable, and relatively waterproof. I have been carrying one rolled under my pack while I hunt. Unroll the sheet and you have a very quiet and dry place to sit, or drape over yourself and you warm right up. We have been carrying them on snow hikes and overnighters, and find they are a fantastic way to minimize heat loss, tossed over yourself and sleeping bag at night, including your arms and head/neck. Not a huge problem with condensation build-up or asphyxiation (brain cell loss), at least me doesn't feel too stupid yet, duh. Yes this ads weight to my pack and no I do not know or care how much. I do remove from the corners of these sheets, the metal disc weights sewn into the corners to reduce blanket chasing. This sheet doesn't look like it would hold water, but believe me, I tested them at home here and they honestly do hold water on their surface without seepage.

This blanket seems to add 10 degrees or more to my normal bag, probably by trapping an extra pocket of air, not by it's insulative (R) factor. Toss one over two sleepers and you get a little bonus share factor. These do come in a couple of sizes and both are under ten bucks. I wrap my kids in them when we sit down during snow trips to cut the wind off of them, so they are ready to play again after a snack. An awesome way to keep warm!