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Just Jeff
2005-05-16, 00:15
Check out my newest project:

It's 3.5 oz and does all kinds of different things...pack cover, gear hammock, tarp, waterbag...

2005-05-16, 08:44

That is neat. There were a few things that came to my mind that you probably have already thought of. First is to go ahead and sew grosgrain tieouts on the corners for when you want to use it as a tarp... I'll bet you can find all kind of uses for even a small tarp like that, for instance, a wind block for cooking. Second, if the gear hammock is a problem resting against your main hammock, is to use short sticks or some other rigid objects to fashion struts that let the gear hammock act like a sidecar to control how far your gear hammock is from your main hammock. I did that when I tied two regular hammocks to the same two trees with good results but you have to be careful with your tarp when you do that so that you don't end up with a strut that might pierce it. I posted some pictures of that on the hammock camping group that might help you understand the concept.


2005-05-16, 20:20
I know what I'll be doing with my leftover tarp material!

Youngblood, I went looking for the pictures showing the sidecar but couldn't find them. How about a link?

2005-05-16, 20:52
Try this: http://photos.groups.yahoo.com/group/hammockcamping/lst?.dir=/Youngblood/Sidecar&.src=gr&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.groups.yahoo.com/group/hammockcamping/lst%3f%26.dir=/%26.src=gr%26.view=t , but I think you have to be logged in to yahoo.

2005-08-04, 18:02
jeff- I made one of these and it's great! i made it a bit longer than yours so it would hug the pack- it's a little narrow, but I really like the concept. I am using elastic as the cord. works nicely!
thanks for the idea.

Just Jeff
2005-08-04, 18:47
Glad you like it. I'm taking a prototype on a trip this weekend that uses shockcord for the cord and webbing in the corners...should work just right. I like having my stuff off the ground, under my tarp and accessible from my hammock.

2005-09-09, 16:58
just weighed mine:
70 grams or 2.5 ounces.


Just Jeff
2005-09-09, 17:46
Wow...that's an ounce lighter than mine. How big is it?

2005-09-10, 11:59
specs: left over tarp material. plasticy rubbery coated nylon? its waterproof anyway. clothing elastic "string". polyester thread.

Made to cover a 50L pack
rectangle measuring: 54 cm x 113cm or 21 in x 45 in