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2005-05-19, 14:08
..a little off topic but I thought I'd share this with those of you who are bowhunters.

Many years ago I bought a simple day pack from Cabelas but I hated the shoulder straps and belt that came on it.
I had a frame and webgear from my old Alice pack in the attic so I cannibalized the shoulder straps and hip belt and modified them and mounted them onto my hunting day pack.


My recurve bow quiver holds 4 arrows. Which is more than enough for deer hunting, and just the right weight, but if you’re out hog hunting or hunting for critters you might need more than 4 different arrows. I like to carry a couple of arrows with field points in front of Bateman adders, at least a couple of Judo/Shocker points, at least one FluFlu for shooting up in the air or at a squirrel in a tree, as well as a couple of regular broadheads. Too many arrows for a simple 4 arrow bow quiver. SO…


I had an old two-piece, 8 arrow bow quiver from an old recurve. I took the brackets off of the back and figured out a simple way to use a piece of leather slid behind one of the pack’s side pockets. I use a piece of that Velcro that has hooks on one side and loops on the other and run it through the leather and an attachment on the pack to hold the quiver in position on the pack.


For the last few years I have been involved in marathon canoe & kayak racing. We use 2-quart & 4-quart Igloo insulated water jugs with long tube straws in them to get our water while we’re paddling. And when I was in the infantry we used a 5-quart soft, collapsible, bladder type canteen to carry the larger volume of water we carried when we were on patrol. It fit in the inside pocket of an Army Alice pack. The water jugs with a tube straw gave me the idea to modify a bladder canteen with a hose straw to use for hiking and it got me to thinking about using it in my backpacks. It works great.


SGT Rock
2005-05-19, 19:15
Nice custom job.