View Full Version : posting photos in your post on this board

2005-05-19, 18:36
The easiest way to post pictures in your post is to host your picture/s on a picture website that allows you to link to your picture on their website.
I just learned of a new one that is very convienent. It's called TinyPic Hosting (PhotoBucket)

You need to know that it is best to make sure that your photo isn't more than 800 pixels wide (better around 600pixels wide) so it shows up in the browser window without all of us having to scroll to see the photo. If you don't have a photo editing software program that allows you to re-size your photo file you can go to one of these websites first and re-size your image/s.


After you have re-sized your photo/s and saved them to your harddrive then go to TinyPic and upload your photo for an image link to put into the body of the text of your post/thread.

Different message boards use different kinds of "code" to post images. this board uses BBCode so you will need to use the URL link from TinyPic that is wrapped with for it to show up in the messages on the board.

Copy and paste the URL addy that has the [img] code around it and then when you finish your post your pix will show up in your post.