View Full Version : Hammock Hikers Attacked Me!

2005-06-03, 22:17
OK, all you hammock nuts, go ahead and let me have it! I can take a black eye like the next guy! (Heck, I probably deserve it.)

With all your talk about pads sliding around, underquilts, which bag to bring, trouble getting in your hammocks, trouble getting out of your hammocks, pad extenders, etc, etc, etc, it seems to me that you all need to rethink these hammocks you all love so much. Sounds like way too much trouble if you ask me.

Has anyone of you tried sleeping in a big ol' snowmobile suit in your hammock? You wouldn't need to bring a sleeping bag, a sleep pad, underquilt, pad extender thingy, any of this stuff. You can even wear it around camp if you get a chill. Heck, you could even hike out in the blasted thing if you get snowed on. And Turk, where are you man! Maybe make yourself a kevlar bear proof suit to wear in your hammock. (Maybe it won't keep a moose from crushing you, but I am working on a design for you buddy....)

Maybe skip the hammock all together and sew some stapping thru the arms and legs and you can just "hang out".

My point is, I really don't have a point. Just another crack idea from my warped mind.

2005-06-03, 23:48
Sergeant, this man is either drunk or crazy. Call the MP's.

2005-06-04, 15:03
Yeah, get him outta here! :dancing2:

Just Jeff
2005-06-04, 18:00
And crazy tarp-heads. What with all your different sizes for different situations, your different shapes and different pitches and configurations, some with ridgelines and some without, silly grommets and grosgrain and webbing...can't you make up your minds? And tent poles, hiking poles, too many kinds of stakes to count...integral, attached, detachable, and stand-alone bug nets. Beaks and no beaks, attached ground covers, silnylon, tyvek, 3 mil (or some other mil) plastic...seems like it'll take a career just to learn the stuff! Why not just get a tent!

Oh, and the tents...single wall, double wall, graphite poles, aluminum poles, hiking poles, flies, vestibules, groundcloths, footprints, fast-light modes, stargazing modes, condensation rags, 300 different kinds of pads to use (and of course you have to learn about them all or you're not allowed to post in the forums...or is that fora?). Hoop tents, tarptents, freestanding tents, dome tents...too much to know about! Zippers to break...why even camp at all?

Of course, you could just get a waterproof snowmobile-rain suit, rig a climbing harness and hang yourself from a tree like you said. Then you wouldn't even need a pad, and packing up in the morning would be cake. No need to even unpack, actually...just hang up and fall asleep.

2005-06-05, 11:05
funny how we come full circle
anyone that's been a grunt in Nam remembers it was just a poncho &a poncho liner- and on occasion a simple jungle hammock but that was it folks
..well except for having C-4 to cook with :biggrin:

2005-06-05, 14:58
"...it was just a poncho &a poncho liner- and on occasion a simple jungle hammock but that was it folks"

Remember, Sgt Krohn,
About 80 lbs of other stuff Dick Nixon thought we shouldn't be without .

2005-06-05, 20:20
"...it was just... about 80 lbs of other stuff Dick Nixon thought we shouldn't be without .
yeah- just the basics- like 500~600 rounds for your 16, 2- 30round mags, 4- 20round mags, 200 clipped rounds for the squad's 60, 4 days of C-rats and LRRPs, 4~6#s of C-4, 2 or 3 HE grenades, 2 or 3 smokes, 4-5qts of water
I humped a Claymore and a 6volt battery for mech.ambush rigs, trip wire, det cord... and a pile of misc stuff (a few personal items?)!!!!
as well as your poncho & liner & jungle hammock.
My ruck usually weighed around 110#

2005-06-20, 17:02
iceman, how would you get into it?
get into suit.
string to trees- doh!
string to trees
get into suit -doh!

hammock shaped (eye shaped etc) rope running over the shoulders, down, and through the legs, reinforcements at bum, shoulders


2005-06-20, 17:12
you could clip in to the rope... string the rope, tarp. clip in bum reinforcment. sit, swing up legs, clip. clip in shoulders. oh yeah, you would need head reinforcement, clip in that too. sleep.


cheaper than a hennessy!

2005-06-20, 22:22
Very stylish suit there. Cheaper than a hammock, and has a dual purpose kind of thingy goin' on. Heck, sew on some pockets and you don't even need your backpack anymore. Just tie around your waist, or sew on some shoulder straps, and away you go. With the straps hanging out of the sleeves, you may find these come in handy in rugged terrain, or to tie to the top of your car on the way to the trailhead. (And no, I am not drinking, right now...) :biggrin:

The Hammocker
2005-06-23, 16:17
I guess well take ur word for it. (LOL) :biggrin:

2005-06-27, 08:55
Guess we have come a long way from a small game hide loin piece and laying in a depression in a cave covered with duff.....then again the only ones talking were using words like ugh and err....ummmm fn...

Birds, nests, hammocks......ummmmm fn.....zzzzzzzzzz.