View Full Version : wet boots and HH

2005-06-07, 01:00
What do you do with wet boots if you don't want to leave them out.
When I use my Light Year tent
there's enough room under the rain cover for them.
I wouldn't want to leave them out under the HH to tempt critters.

Just Jeff
2005-06-07, 07:32
If it's not blowing rain, hang them at the end of the hammock.

If it's blowing a little bit, hang them from the ridgeline inside the hammock, with the strings through the opening so the boot is just outside, but still under the hammock a bit.

If they're not muddy, but just a bit wet, throw them over the ridgeline outside the hammock, so they're resting on the bugnet somewhere around your knees.

2005-06-08, 05:55
Thanks I'll keep that in mind.