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2005-06-16, 02:06
The idea of replacing the usual lofting at the bottom of a sleeping bag with a pad (like Big Agnes) could be taken another step by using two layers of padding like the Wing Pad (http://hikinghq.net/hammock/wing_pad.html).

But what would be the best way to arrange the pockets that hold the pads?

2005-06-16, 17:19
If it were me, I'd look more at attaching the two pieces of padding together, rather than making two products... maybe a piece of fuzzy velcro at the foot and head of the main pad, and hooky on the foot and head of your second pad, then they should slide into one big pocket pretty easy...

Just Jeff
2005-06-18, 11:27
Or cut a slit down the side of the BA pad sleeve for the wings to slide out of. Curl the wings in, slide the pad in the sleeve, then pull the wings out of the slits so they're hanging out the side.

Then you could use the bag with or without the wings. Never seen a BA so not sure how well this would work...seems to work in concept, though.

2005-06-18, 14:24
Oh, Now that I read jeff's post I think I miss understood the question...