View Full Version : Golite for penny pinchers

2005-06-19, 13:24
Not sure if anyone is interested, but SierraTradingPost is blowing out a bunch of Golite clothing and other stuff, all sorts, check it out...


2005-06-19, 16:51
they're running out of stuff fast

2005-06-20, 07:18
Looks like they're out of anything I need/want.

Great update Iceman.

Hey, you up for a hike to that little lake in August???

2005-06-20, 22:28
Jimtanker, late August sound good. I still need to blow open the trail and make a few improvements with my Stihl first, or I don't think we will be able to cross under the ledges like I mentioned. I do not want a repeat like a few years back. I'll give you a call. You have a climbing harness? Send me a PM.